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Release 1.14

cert-manager 1.14 brings a variety of features, security improvements and bug fixes, including: support for creating X.509 certificates with "Other Name" fields, and support for creating CA certificates with "Name Constraints" and "Authority Information Accessors" extensions.

πŸ“’ The cert-manager CLI is moving to a new GitHub repository

After this release, cmctl will no longer be released with cert-manager itself, and there will no further OCI images.

Read The cert-manager Command Line Tool (cmctl) page to learn more.

Known Issues

ACME Issuer (Let's Encrypt): wrong certificate chain may be used if preferredChain is configured - #6755, #6757

On Thursday, Feb 8th, 2024, Let's Encrypt stopped providing their cross-signed certificate chain by default, in requests made to their /acme/certificate API endpoint. Instead the short-chain is returned by default and the long-chain (cross-signed) certificate chain is now included among the "alternate" chains. The cert-manager ACME Issuer API has a preferredChain field since v1.0.0, which is documented as follows:

PreferredChain is the chain to use if the ACME server outputs multiple. PreferredChain is no guarantee that this one gets delivered by the ACME endpoint. For example, for Let’s Encrypt’s DST cross sign you would use: β€œDST Root CA X3” or β€œISRG Root X1” for the newer Let’s Encrypt root CA. This value picks the first certificate bundle in the ACME alternative chains that has a certificate with this value as its issuer’s CN.

The problem is that the preferredChain feature matches the issuer CN of any certificate in the chain. The result is that: Some users who set Isser.spec.acme.preferredChain: ISRG Root X1 in order to get early access to the Let's Encrypt short-chain certificates, will get long-chain (cross-signed) certificates when they renew after February 8th, 2024. But most users will not be affected. Their new certificates will contain the short-chain (not cross-signed) which terminates at ISRG Root X1.

The cert-manager maintainers are considering how to address this problem for the next release (1.15), without breaking users who have come to rely on the existing, documented behavior.

πŸ”– Read cert-manager PR 6755 (bugfix: wrong certificate chain is used if preferredChain is configured) to learn about the bug and to see the proposed fix.

πŸ”– Read Let’s Encrypt: chain of trust to learn about the hierarchy of root and intermediate certificates.

  • You can remove the spec.acme.preferredChainChain: ISRG Root X1 field from the Issuer or ClusterIssuer. And then renew any certificates which use that issuer and which have been renewed since Feb 8th, 2024. The new certificates will have a shorter chain which terminates at the self-signed root certificate for ISRG Root X1.

  • You can do nothing. The affected certificates will have a longer chain which terminates at DST Root CA X3 and which contains the cross-signed intermediate certificate for ISRG Root X1, which expires on September 30th, 2024. But that's OK as long as DST Root CA X3 is trusted by your clients. And your 90 day leaf certificate is certain to be be renewed before that date, and certain to be renewed after June 6th, 2024, on which day Let's Encrypt will stop providing the longer cross-signed chain entirely.

    ⚠️ There may be clients that are incompatible with DST Root CA X3.


πŸ“’ When upgrading to cert-manager release 1.14, please skip v1.14.0, v1.14.1, v1.14.2 and v1.14.3 and install this patch version instead.

Changes since v1.14.3

Bug or Regression

  • Allow in annotations (#6809, @jetstack-bot)
  • BUGFIX: JKS and PKCS12 stores now contain the full set of CAs specified by an issuer (#6812, @jetstack-bot)
  • BUGFIX: cainjector leader election flag/ config option defaults are missing (#6819, @jetstack-bot)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)


Changes since v1.14.2

Bug or Regression

  • BUGFIX: Fixes issue with JSON-logging, where only a subset of the log messages were output as JSON. (#6781, @jetstack-bot)
  • BUGFIX: LiteralSubjects with a #= value can result in memory issues due to faulty BER parser ( (#6774, @jetstack-bot)


Changes since v1.14.1

Bug or Regression

  • BUGFIX: cert-manager CA and SelfSigned issuers incorrectly copied the critical flag from the CSR instead of re-calculating that field themselves. (#6727, @jetstack-bot)
  • Helm: Fix a bug in the logic that differentiates between 0 and an empty value. (#6729, @jetstack-bot)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)


cert-manager v1.14.1 fixes bugs found during the release of v1.14.0.

Changes since v1.14.0

Bug or Regression

  • Fix broken cainjector image value in Helm chart (#6693, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Fix bug in cmctl namespace detection which prevented it being used as a startupapicheck image in namespaces other than cert-manager. (#6706, @inteon)
  • Fix bug in cmctl which caused cmctl experimental install to panic. (#6706, @inteon)


⚠️ This version has known issues.

During the release of v1.14.0, the Helm chart was found to use the wrong OCI image for the cainjector Deployment, which caused the Helm installation and the static manifest based installation to fail. Upon discovery of this bug, the release of v1.14.0 was paused before the Helm chart or GitHub release were published; but the Git tag and the OCI images had already been published.

The cert-manager team next fixed the Helm chart and two other bugs which are listed in the "Known Issues" section below, and then released v1.14.1, which is the version that users are strongly advised to install when they upgrade to 1.14.

In order to complete the stalled v1.14.0 release, the Helm chart and static YAML installation files were regenerated on a team member's laptop, using exactly the same build scripts as are used in the automated release process, and using the v1.14.1 version of the code. The working v1.14.0 Helm chart was published, and the working versions of the static manifest files attached to the draft v1.14.0 GitHub release, and that was then published.

For these reasons, users are strongly advised to skip this version and install the latest patch Helm chart instead.

Known Issues

  • During the release of v1.14.0, the Helm chart for this version was found to use the wrong OCI image for the cainjector Deployment, which caused the Helm installation to fail. In order to complete the release, the cert-manager team have manually updated the Helm chart for this version, which contains all the Helm chart fixes which are in v1.14.1. But users are strongly advised to skip this version and install the v1.14.1 Helm chart instead.
  • A bug in cmctl namespace detection prevents it being used as a startupapicheck image in namespaces other than cert-manager.
  • A bug in cmctl causes cmctl experimental install to panic.

Breaking Changes

The startupapicheck job uses a new OCI image called "startupapicheck", instead of the ctl image. If you run in an environment in which images cannot be pulled, be sure to include the new image.

The KeyUsage and BasicConstraints extensions will now be encoded as critical in the CertificateRequest's CSR blob.

Major Themes

New X.509 Features

The cert-manager Certificate resource now allows you to configure a subset of "Other Name" SANs, which are described in the Subject Alternative Name section of RFC 5280 (on page 37).

We specifically support any otherName type with a UTF-8 value, such as the User Principal Name or sAMAccountName. These are useful when issuing unique certificates for authenticating with LDAP systems such as Microsoft Active Directory. For example you can create certificates with this block in the spec:

- oid: # UPN OID
utf8Value: upn@domain.local

The feature is still in alpha stage and requires you to enable the OtherNames feature flag in the controller and webhook components.

New CA certificate Features

You can now specify the X.509 v3 Authority Information Accessors extension, with URLs for certificates issued by the CA Issuer, using the new issuingCertificateURLs field.

Users can now use name constraints in CA certificates. To know more details on name constraints check out RFC5280 section


An ongoing CNCF security audit of the cert-manager code revealed some weaknesses which we have addressed in this release, such as using more secure default settings in the HTTP servers that serve metrics, healthz and pprof endpoints. This will help mitigate denial-of-service attacks against those important services.

All the cert-manager containers are now configured with read only root file system by default, to prevent unexpected changes to the file system of the OCI image.

And it is now possible to configure the metrics server to use HTTPS rather than HTTP, so that clients can verify the identity of the metrics server.


The liveness probe of the cert-manager controller Pod is now enabled by default.

There is a new option .spec.keystores.pkcs12.profile to specify encryption and HMAC algorithms for PKCS keystores. See the API reference for configuration options.


Thanks again to all open-source contributors with commits in this release, including:

Thanks also to the following cert-manager maintainers for their contributions during this release:

Equally thanks to everyone who provided feedback, helped users and raised issues on GitHub and Slack and joined our meetings!

Thanks also to the CNCF, which provides resources and support, and to the AWS open source team for being good community members and for their maintenance of the PrivateCA Issuer.

In addition, massive thanks to Venafi for contributing developer time and resources towards the continued maintenance of cert-manager projects.



  • ACME challenge solver Pod for HTTP01 will get a default annotation of "": "true". You can provide an annotation of "": "false" in your podTemplate if you don't like this. (#6349, @jsoref)
  • Added a clock skew detector liveness probe that will force a restart in case we detect a skew between the internal monotonic clock and the system clock of more than 5 minutes. Also, the controller's liveness probe is now enabled by default. (#6328, @inteon)
  • Added a new flag (--dynamic-serving-leaf-duration) that can adjust the lifetime of the dynamic leaf certificates (#6552, @allenmunC1)
  • Added support for otherName SANS in Certificates (#6404, @SpectralHiss)
  • Added the option to specify the X.509 v3 Authority Information Accessors extension CA Issuers URLs for certificates issued by the CA issuer. (#6486, @jeremycampbell)
  • Adds cert-manager's new core infrastructure initiative badge! See more details on (#6497, @SgtCoDFish)
  • All Pods are now configured with readOnlyRootFilesystem by default. (#6453, @wallrj)
  • MAYBE BREAKING: The startupapicheck job is now handled by an entirely new container called "startupapicheck". This replaces the previous ctl container. If you run in an environment in which images cannot be pulled, be sure to include the new container. (#6549, @SgtCoDFish)
  • New option .spec.keystores.pkcs12.algorithms to specify encryption and MAC algorithms for PKCS#12 keystores. Fixes issues #5957 and #6523. (#6548, @snorwin)
  • The ACME HTTP01 solver Pod is now configured with readOnlyRootFilesystem: true (#6462, @wallrj)
  • Updates the AWS SDK for Go to 1.48.7 to support Amazon EKS Pod Identity (#6519, @JoeNorth)
  • Users can now use name constraints in CA certificates. To know more details on name constraints check out RFC section (#6500, @tanujd11)
  • ⚠️ potentially breaking ⚠️: The KeyUsage and BasicConstraints extensions will now be encoded as critical in the CertificateRequest's CSR blob. (#6053, @inteon)
  • Add TLS support to the metrics endpoint through either a certificate file or through dynamically issued certificates (#6574, @ThatsMrTalbot)
  • Helm Chart: allow changing the default Deployment revisionHistoryLimit (#6248, @tberreis)
  • Security: Limit the size of the response body read from HTTP requests by cert-manager. (#6619, @ThatsMrTalbot)
  • Support custom spec.namespaceSelector for webhooks (#6638, @jkroepke)

Bug or Regression

  • BUGFIX[helm]: Fix issue where webhook feature gates were only set if controller feature gates are set. (#6380, @asapekia)
  • Controller ConfigMap is now created only if .Values.config is set. (#6357, @ABWassim)
  • Fix runaway bug caused by multiple Certificate resources that point to the same Secret resource. (#6406, @inteon)
  • Fix(helm): templating of required value in controller and webhook ConfigMap resources (#6435, @ABWassim)
  • Fixed a webhook validation error message when the key algorithm was invalid. (#6571, @pevidex)
  • Fixed error messaging when setting up vault issuer (#6433, @vinny)
  • GHSA-vgf6-pvf4-34rq: The webhook server now returns HTTP error 413 (Content Too Large) for requests with body size >= 3MiB. This is to mitigate DoS attacks that attempt to crash the webhook process by sending large requests that exceed the available memory. The webhook server now returns HTTP error 400 (Bad Request) if the request contains an empty body. The webhook server now returns HTTP error 500 (Internal Server Error) rather than crashing, if the code panics while handling a request. (#6498, @inteon)
  • Increase the default webhook timeout to its maximum value of 30 seconds, so that the underlying timeout error message has more chance of being returned to the end user. (#6488, @wallrj)
  • Listeners that do not support TLS on Gateway resources will now not raise BadConfig warnings anymore (#6347, @lauraseidler)
  • Mitigate potential Slowloris attacks by setting ReadHeaderTimeout in all http.Server instances (#6534, @wallrj)
  • The Venafi issuer now properly resets the certificate and should no longer get stuck with WebSDK CertRequest Module Requested Certificate or This certificate cannot be processed while it is in an error state. Fix any errors, and then click Retry.. (#6398, @maelvls)
  • Update experimental install and uninstall commands to have flag parity with the rest of the CLI (#6562, @ThatsMrTalbot)
  • Webhook ConfigMap if now created only if .Values.webhook.config is set. (#6360, @ABWassim)
  • BUGFIX: Ensure otherName SAN changes in Certificate resources trigger re-issuance. (#6620, @SpectralHiss)
  • Bugfix: Publish the startupapicheck image to (#6609, @wallrj)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Cert-manager is now built with Go 1.21.5 (#6545, @wallrj)
  • Bump Go to 1.21.3 to address CVE-2023-39325. Also bumps base images. (#6410, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Bump v0.15.0 => v0.17.0 as part of addressing CVE-2023-44487 / CVE-2023-39325 (#6427, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Check code for unintended use of crypto/md5, a weak cryptographic primitive; using golangci-lint / gosec (G501). (#6581, @wallrj)
  • Check code for unintended use of crypto/sha1, a weak cryptographic primitive; using golangci-lint / gosec (G505). (#6579, @wallrj)
  • Check code for unintended use of weak random number generator (math/rand instead of crypto/rand); using golangci-lint / gosec (G404). (#6582, @wallrj)
  • Cleanup: Restrict MutatingWebhookConfiguration to only CertificateRequest resources (#6311, @hawksight)
  • Deprecated pkg/util.RandStringRunes and pkg/controller/test.RandStringBytes. Use instead. (#6585, @wallrj)
  • Enabled verbose logging in startupapicheck by default, so that if it fails, users can know exactly what caused the failure. (#6495, @wallrj)
  • Fix gosec G601: Implicit memory aliasing of items from a range statement (#6551, @wallrj)
  • Fix handling of serial numbers in literal certificate subjects. Previously a serial number could be specified in subject.serialNumber while using a literal certificate subject. This was a mistake and has been fixed. (#6533, @inteon)
  • The end-to-end tests can now test the cert-manager Vault Issuer on an OpenShift cluster. (#6391, @wallrj)
  • Update cert-manager's distroless base images from Debian 11 to Debian 12. This should have no practical effects on users. (#6583, @inteon)
  • Updated all code using GatewayAPI to use the now GA v1 APIs (#6559, @ThatsMrTalbot)
  • Upgrade Go from 1.20.7 to 1.20.8. (#6369, @inteon)
  • Upgrade to v3.11.0 because v3.10.2 is labeled as "DO NOT USE". (#6366, @inteon)
  • Use the new generic sets.Set type in place of the deprecated sets.String. (#6586, @wallrj)
  • cert-manager is now built with Go v1.21.6 (#6628, @SgtCoDFish)
  • Update the Azure SDK and remove deprecated autorest dependency (#5452, @phillebaba)
  • The cert-manager E2E tests can now be run on Kubernetes 1.29 (#6641, @wallrj)



  • v1.4.3
  • v1.9.1
  • v1.4.0
  • v1.5.1
  • v1.2.0
  • v1.1.1
  • v1.1.1
  • v3.1.1
  • v3.2.1
  • v5.3.0
  • v1.2.0
  • v5.0.0
  • v0.2.2
  • v1.3.2
  • v2.0.1
  • v1.14.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v2.3.2
  • 091c0ba
  • v1.14.0
  • v4.18.1
  • v1.1.0
  • v2.0.0
  • v0.7.0
  • 681adbf
  • v1.2.0
  • v1.2.0
  • 039620a


  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.8.1 β†’ v1.8.4
  • v1.48.0 β†’ v1.58.0
  • v0.21.3 β†’ v0.21.6
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v0.7.1 β†’ v0.8.2
  • v1.8.1 β†’ v1.8.4
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.14.1 β†’ v1.14.6
  • v1.14.1 β†’ v1.16.0
  • v1.11.1 β†’ v1.11.4
  • v1.13.1 β†’ v1.13.4
  • v1.1.1 β†’ v1.2.3
  • v1.3.1 β†’ v1.7.0
  • v1.0.0 β†’ v1.0.3
  • v1.53.0 β†’ v1.57.1
  • v1.16.0 β†’ v1.18.0
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.8.0
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.16.0 β†’ v1.17.3
  • v1.13.0 β†’ v1.15.0
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.7.3
  • v1.12.1 β†’ v1.12.4
  • v1.23.0 β†’ v1.23.3
  • v1.10.0 β†’ v1.12.1
  • v1.24.0 β†’ v1.29.0
  • v0.10.1 β†’ v0.11.3
  • v1.16.0 β†’ v1.19.0
  • v0.9.1 β†’ v0.9.4
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.9.1
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.9.0 β†’ v1.13.0
  • v2.0.1 β†’ v2.3.0
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.13.0 β†’ v1.15.0
  • v1.10.0 β†’ v1.10.3
  • v1.13.0 β†’ v1.16.0
  • v1.40.0 β†’ v1.47.0
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.11.1
  • v1.22.0 β†’ v1.23.7
  • v0.9.1 β†’ v0.9.4
  • v1.1.1 β†’ v1.1.4
  • v1.6.2 β†’ v1.6.5
  • v1.13.0 β†’ v1.13.3
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.8.0
  • v1.11.0 β†’ v1.14.0
  • v1.15.1 β†’ v1.15.4
  • v1.3.0 β†’ v1.3.4
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v0.14.1 β†’ v0.14.4
  • v1.0.0 β†’ v1.0.3
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.1.1 β†’ v1.1.5
  • v1.8.1 β†’ v1.9.3
  • v1.4.1 β†’ v1.4.4
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.15.5
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.12.2
  • v0.9.1 β†’ v0.9.4
  • v1.7.0 β†’ v1.9.0
  • v0.5.1 β†’ v0.5.4
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.4.0 β†’ v1.6.2
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.10.4
  • v1.12.0 β†’ v1.13.3
  • v1.15.1 β†’ v1.17.0
  • v1.12.1 β†’ v1.14.3
  • v1.8.0 β†’ v1.9.3
  • v0.9.1 β†’ v0.9.4
  • v1.9.1 β†’ v1.11.2
  • v1.4.1 β†’ v1.6.2
  • v1.8.1 β†’ v1.8.4
  • v1.11.1 β†’ v1.11.4
  • v1.12.1 β†’ v1.12.4
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.12.2
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.8.0 β†’ v1.10.2
  • v0.9.1 β†’ v0.9.4
  • v2.7.2 β†’ v2.9.0
  • v0.8.1 β†’ v0.8.4
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.12.0
  • v1.13.1 β†’ v1.14.1
  • v1.9.1 β†’ v1.9.4
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.14.1 β†’ v1.14.4
  • v1.2.0 β†’ v1.3.3
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.10.5
  • v1.11.1 β†’ v1.11.4
  • v1.15.1 β†’ v1.15.4
  • v1.23.0 β†’ v1.24.3
  • v1.11.0 β†’ v1.11.3
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.47.0 β†’ v1.54.0
  • v1.19.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v1.10.0 β†’ v1.10.3
  • v1.6.2 β†’ v1.6.5
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.10.1 β†’ v1.10.4
  • v1.8.2 β†’ v1.9.3
  • v1.19.0 β†’ v1.20.3
  • v1.11.1 β†’ v1.11.4
  • v2.7.2 β†’ v2.7.5
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.0.0 β†’ v1.0.3
  • v1.7.1 β†’ v1.7.4
  • v1.9.1 β†’ v1.9.4
  • v1.6.1 β†’ v1.6.4
  • v1.11.1 β†’ v1.12.3
  • v0.110.6 β†’ v0.111.0
  • f61b66f β†’ a9d515a
  • v1.44.331 β†’ v1.49.13
  • v2.0.2 β†’ v2.0.3
  • v1.102.1 β†’ v1.107.0
  • v2.8.1+incompatible β†’ v2.8.2+incompatible
  • v23.0.4+incompatible β†’ v24.0.5+incompatible
  • v3.9.0 β†’ v3.11.0
  • 9239064 β†’ v0.11.1
  • v0.10.1 β†’ v1.0.2
  • v5.6.0 β†’ v5.7.0
  • v5.6.0+incompatible β†’ v5.7.0+incompatible
  • v1.0.3 β†’ v1.0.4
  • v1.11.3 β†’ v1.14.3
  • v1.6.0 β†’ v1.7.0
  • v1.5.4 β†’ v1.5.5
  • v3.0.0 β†’ v3.0.1
  • v3.4.5 β†’ v3.4.6
  • v1.2.4 β†’ v1.4.1
  • v1.2.4 β†’ v1.3.0
  • v0.19.6 β†’ v0.20.2
  • v0.20.2 β†’ v0.20.4
  • v0.22.3 β†’ v0.22.7
  • v1.1.0 β†’ v1.1.2
  • v1.4.4 β†’ v1.1.1
  • v0.16.0 β†’ v0.17.7
  • v0.5.9 β†’ v0.6.0
  • v0.2.0 β†’ c6f7932
  • v0.1.5 β†’ v0.1.7
  • v1.3.0 β†’ v1.5.0
  • v0.2.5 β†’ v0.3.2
  • v1.4.2 β†’ v1.5.0
  • v2.7.0 β†’ v2.18.1
  • v1.4.0 β†’ v1.5.0
  • v1.4.8 β†’ v1.5.2
  • v0.7.4 β†’ v0.7.5
  • v0.1.7 β†’ v0.1.8
  • v1.0.2 β†’ v1.0.6
  • v1.9.2 β†’ v1.10.0
  • v0.9.2 β†’ v0.10.2
  • 0bc27b2 β†’ v0.1.1
  • v0.3.12 β†’ v0.3.16
  • v0.4.0 β†’ b0104c8
  • v1.1.55 β†’ v1.1.57
  • v1.0.0 β†’ v1.1.5
  • v1.0.0 β†’ v1.0.1
  • v2.12.0 β†’ v2.13.0
  • v1.27.10 β†’ v1.29.0
  • v4.4.1 β†’ v4.5.0
  • v1.16.0 β†’ v1.18.0
  • v0.4.0 β†’ v0.5.0
  • v0.44.0 β†’ v0.45.0
  • v0.10.1 β†’ v0.12.0
  • v1.11.0 β†’ v1.12.0
  • v2.1.0+incompatible β†’ v2.1.2+incompatible
  • v1.9.0 β†’ v1.9.3
  • v1.3.0 β†’ v1.3.1
  • v1.7.0 β†’ v1.8.0
  • v1.2.0 β†’ v1.3.0
  • v0.5.0 β†’ v0.5.1
  • v2.1.1 β†’ v2.25.7
  • v1.3.7 β†’ v1.3.8
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.11
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.11
  • v2.305.9 β†’ v2.305.10
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.11
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.10
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.10
  • v3.5.9 β†’ v3.5.10
  • v0.35.0 β†’ v0.46.1
  • v0.39.0 β†’ v0.46.1
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.10.0
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v0.36.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v1.15.0 β†’ v1.21.0
  • v0.19.0 β†’ v1.0.0
  • v1.2.1 β†’ v1.3.0
  • v1.25.0 β†’ v1.26.0
  • v0.12.0 β†’ v0.17.0
  • d852ddb β†’ 02704c9
  • 738671d β†’ d0100b6
  • v0.12.0 β†’ v0.14.0
  • v0.14.0 β†’ v0.19.0
  • v0.11.0 β†’ v0.15.0
  • v0.3.0 β†’ v0.5.0
  • v0.11.0 β†’ v0.15.0
  • v0.11.0 β†’ v0.15.0
  • v0.12.0 β†’ v0.14.0
  • v0.3.0 β†’ v0.5.0
  • 74c255b β†’ v0.16.1
  • v0.138.0 β†’ v0.154.0
  • v1.6.7 β†’ v1.6.8
  • f966b18 β†’ 50ed04b
  • 1744710 β†’ 3a041ad
  • 1744710 β†’ 50ed04b
  • f966b18 β†’ 50ed04b
  • v1.57.0 β†’ v1.60.1
  • v1.31.0 β†’ v1.32.0
  • v1.62.0 β†’ v1.67.0
  • v0.0.1-2020.1.4 β†’ ea95bdf
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • c0856e2 β†’ 9cce18d
  • v2.100.1 β†’ v2.110.1
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.28.1 β†’ v0.29.0
  • 14e4089 β†’ eec4567
  • 3b25d92 β†’ e7106e6
  • v0.1.2 β†’ v0.29.0
  • v0.16.0 β†’ v0.16.3
  • v0.7.1 β†’ v1.0.0
  • v4.3.0 β†’ v4.4.1
  • v1.3.0 β†’ v1.4.0
  • v0.2.1 β†’ v0.4.0


  • v1.10.0
  • 666a987
  • v68.0.0+incompatible
  • v0.9.23
  • v0.3.0
  • v0.4.2
  • v0.4.0
  • v0.3.1
  • v0.11.29
  • v0.2.1
  • v0.6.0
  • v14.2.0+incompatible
  • 27f1227
  • v1.2.2
  • 69f417a
  • a0175ee
  • bbbad09
  • v1.3.0
  • 5cbc8cc
  • v1.1.0
  • v1.3.2
  • v3.3.13+incompatible
  • 95778df
  • 399ea9e
  • v3.2.0+incompatible
  • e10d5fe
  • v1.0.0
  • 6f7a984
  • e6da0ac
  • v0.8.0
  • v1.8.0
  • v0.5.7-v3refs
  • v3.0.0
  • v2.1.0+incompatible
  • v0.1.0
  • v1.1.0
  • v0.1.1
  • v0.5.3
  • v1.0.0
  • v0.0.1
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v0.1.3
  • v0.8.2
  • v0.9.1
  • b84e30a
  • v0.4.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.0.0
  • v1.3.1
  • 57f6aae
  • v0.7.1
  • e2103e2
  • v1.0.0
  • f09979e
  • cff245a
  • d2bd2a2
  • v2.2.6
  • v1.12.0
  • v3.4.0
  • v0.2.0
  • v3.1.0
  • v1.3.0