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Great to See You!

Whether you're a previous contributor or a first timer looking to get involved, we love it when the community comes together to improve the project!

In this "contributing" section we document processes we follow as a project, and include some details on how to build, test and run cert-manager for development purposes.


All cert-manager meetings are open for everyone to join!

To get invites you can subscribe to our mailing list.

We have 2 regular repeating meetings:

If you're having any issues joining our meetings, ensure that you're part of the cert-manager-dev Google group, and always feel free to ask in Slack for help!


We have two cert-manager channels on Kubernetes Slack which we use to chat:

  • cert-manager: for all users of cert-manager; use this one for any usage related questions
  • cert-manager-dev: for collaboration between cert-manager contributors and maintainers; please only use this for code related questions

Google Season of Docs 2022

The cert-manager team are participating in Google Season of Docs 2022!

Check out our 2022 Project Proposals if you want to get involved!