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Upgrading from v1.7 to v1.8

Validation of the rotationPolicy field

The field spec.privateKey.rotationPolicy on Certificate resources is now validated. Valid options are Never and Always.

Before upgrading to 1.8.0, you will need to check that all the Certificate YAML manifests you have stored in Git if you are using a GitOps flow (or any other "source of truth") have a correct rotationPolicy value. To help you find out which Certificate YAML manifests need updating, you can run the following command:

kubectl get cert -A -ojson | jq -r \
'.items[] | select(.spec.privateKey.rotationPolicy | strings | . != "Always" and . != "Never") | "\( in namespace \(.metadata.namespace) has rotationPolicy=\(.spec.privateKey.rotationPolicy)"'

This command will show you, the name and namespace of each Certificate resource that needs to be updated in Git. For example:

smoketest-cert in namespace default has rotationPolicy=Foo

Server-Side Apply

Server-Side Apply is an alpha feature of cert-manager introduced in 1.8. By default, the feature is disabled, in which case you can skip this section.

If you are using Server-Side Apply, i.e., you are running the cert-manager controller with the flag


Then you need to take action before upgrading to cert-manager 1.8. You will have to make sure that there are no Challenge resources currently in the cluster. If there are some, you will need to manually delete them once they are in a 'valid' state.

The reason the Challenge resources need to be removed before upgrading to 1.8 when using the new Server-Side Apply feature is that cert-manager post-1.8 is not able to clean up Challenge resources that were created pre-1.8.

If running Kubernetes versions before v1.22, the ServerSideApply feature gate must be enabled in the cluster. This beta feature is enabled by default on supported versions before v1.22.

Migrating from the Gateway API v1alpha1 to v1alpha2

This section only applies to you if you are using the feature gate ExperimentalGatewayAPISupport.

cert-manager 1.8 drops support for the Gateway API v1alpha1, and now only supports v1alpha2.

Before upgrading cert-manager, you will need to:

  1. remove all existing Gateway API v1alpha1 resources,
  2. upgrade the Gateway API CRDs to v1alpha2,
  3. re-create the Gateway API resources with the v1alpha2.

This manual intervention is needed because the Gateway API project does not come with a conversion webhook that would allow an easier migration from v1alpha1 to v1alpha2.

After upgrading cert-manager to 1.8, you will need to remove the labels field, and add the parentRefs:

kind: Issuer
name: letsencrypt
namespace: default
- http01:
- labels:
- gateway: traefik
+ parentRefs:
+ - name: traefik
+ namespace: traefik
+ kind: Gateway

Now, Follow the Regular Upgrade Process

From here on you can follow the regular upgrade process.